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Concero 25 Monoblock Tube Amplifiers


concero 25 main

Our first Prestige Series amplifier is the Concero Direct Heated Tube Monoblock amplifier.

Using top of the line design, material and building techniques, we have managed to get pretty close to our Reference line amplifier performance, but in a more manageable design,as regards funds and size.

We endeavoured to produce a design that has all the sonic virtues of only the best of the best Single Ended amplifiers, but with absolutely none of their shortcomings. We strongly believe we have succeeded .

Driving the output tube, is a major task, which almost all SET amplifiers fell short, using tubes not adequate to the task. Tubes with high Rp and small current swing capabilities. What we choose to use is a small amp ,consisting of the special quality Siemens E280F super-tube, with it’s own power and bias supply.

This ultra wide-bandwidth/ very high trans-conductance tube is transformer coupled to the grid of the output tube using a very wide-bandwidth inter-stage transformer. No RC coupling is used in any of our amplifiers.

Output is rated @ 30W, via a massive output transformer, with 4 and 8 ohm taps.

The output transformer weighs more than many SET amplifier's total weight. The highest quality massive core of the output transformer used in the design, is mandatory for delivering true undistorted higher and lower bass, and driving any speaker through complex musical content. Many SET amplifiers get distortion when driving speakers with complex music,because of core saturation.Our output transformer can easily take 60W at 20Hz ,so at 25W intermodulation aftifacts are next to zero.

Separate power supplies are used throughout our design, using 4 toroidal transformers rated at over 1100VA total.Separate toroidals are used for driver stage,output stage,filaments and bias circuits.

Driver and output is ground-choke regulated and energy banks are over 4000 joule per channel.

• Full Power sensitivity: 1Vrms
• Noise floor: <-100db A-weighted
• THD: < -70db @ 60% Full power
• Power Bandwidth: 15Hz ~ 80Khz -3db @ 25W
• Tube list: 1x RCA 813, 1x Siemens E280F
• Power Consumption @ idle: 250W

Dimensions: 560 mm W x 420 mm D x 390 mm H
Weight is 70Kg each, unpacked.

Exsequor Tube Reference Amplifier

exsequor main

Working in Class A1, the Exsequor amplifier can deliver more than 65W in 8ohm or 4ohm loads. With it’s unsurpassed clarity, 3D imaging and breathtaking transients, with enough power to drive almost any floorstanding speaker, this SET amplifier is a class of it’s own.

We believe that SE non feedback amplification stages deliver the best overall sonic performance to the listener. Yet, almost all SET amplifiers do not have sufficient power to drive the majority of modern loudspeakers. One way of delivering enough power from a SET amplifier, is the use of many parallel mainstream tubes like KT-88, EL34 or big bottle tubes like 845 and the 805.

Direct heated triodes with their super smooth sound are the way to go. The tube of our choice is the 813, a 50W thoriated Tungsten filament tube with it’s 125W plate dissipation rating and probably the best big bottle tube sound we have ever tried in our labs, leaving far behind any version of 845 and 300B tubes we ever tried. Almost all tube amplifier manufacturers with their light, slow and weak power supplies, give a distinct flabby sound to the majority of these amps. They get things worst by trying to drive the big output valve with small signal tube like 12AXXs e.t.c. As a result, the output tube, is underdriven with the known results of limited frequency response and lack of acceptable transient response..
We chose to differ…

. The Exsequor monoblock tube amplifier is our opinion of how a SET amplifier without compromises should sound and how tube amplification should be implemented.


- Max Power Output : 65W (A1)
- Power Consumption (idle) : 490W
- Power Bandwidth (@ 60W) : 15Hz-45Khz(-3db)
- Weight (each, unpacked) :160KG

Dimensions: 780mmH X 520mmD X 630mmW

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