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Pondera Reference Preamplifier


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The Pondera Reference Preamplifier is our design effort, to push the envelope of tube audio pre-amplification .
This extravagant machine was conceived after many tests with numerous designs, technologies and materials.The heart of the preamplifier, lies in our latest achievement, called N.O.I.E.S (Negative Output Impedence Energy Supply). This proprietary design ,top materials used and cost-no-object approach is the main reason for the preamplifier’s performance.

The power gain is maintained by a single ended-transformer coupled tube stage, using one 814 DHP thoriated tungsten tube. The key to thisstage supreme performance lies to the Negalive Output Impedance Energy Supply. This energy supply has a negative internal resistance throughout the audible spectrum, without the use of feedback or feedforward techniques, so no sonic artifacts are present.

In fact, the negative impedance is compared to a power tube’s transconductance. Where even the best power supply fail in extreme transients needed and sag out, our Negative Output Impedance Energy Supply not only does not sag out, it even contributes to the gain of the preamplifier.

Output to the terminals is provided by a special bifilar windedamorphous double C-core transformer, with an an exceptional wide bandwidth of over 110 Khz. The internal construction of Pondera Reference Preamplifier is a true dual mono design with separate power and bias circuits giving superb chanell separation.

It is not an hyperbole to suggest that the driving capabilities of the Pondera Reference Preamplifier are not matched by anything on the market today.

Levels of 250 Vrms of output are an ease for our preamplifier, pointing out the capabilities of the N.O.I Energy Supply and the power gain stage. In fact, the Pondera Reference preamplifier can deliver over 14 W of true SET power to your speaker terminals, provided with a speaker output transformer.
Hyperbole? Maybe.

Impera II

& Impera II Signature


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…prepare to be surprised.
A new way of using triodes is born,in fact you can say it is a whole new active component .A component that gives the new Impera preamplifier extra-ordinary performance,unrivalled by any tube or transistor preamplifier stage.

The Impera II pre-amplifier is a showcase of our unique Inverted Triode Technology, a vacuum tube technology innovation developed from our company and utilized in the Impera II series of audio designs.

The Inverted Triode is a unique active element, widely different to any kind of vacuum tube used in audio and tube electronics in general.

Three electrodes , a cathode, grid and plate, are combined to give an amplification device completely different in operation than the classic vacuum tube.


Inside a typical vacuum tube, an electron stream emitted from a heated cathode ,

is accelerated toward a positively charged anode, which has a flat plate structure.

The electron flow is impeded by the grid ,a negatively charged wire-grid structure, placed between the cathode and anode. This operation resembles a typical fluid control valve, hence the name valve tube.

Inside an Inverted Triode tube, the electron stream emitted from a heated cathode, is accelerated towards the anode, now a wire-grid-like structure . The electron flow is now unimpeded since no grid structure exists between the anode and cathode.

Instead, a plate-like structure, enveloping the cathode/anode assembly, called the control “grid” is shadowing the anode electrical field, having a very high negative electrical field itself, thus “pushing” the electrons away from the anode.

This mode of electron flow control is completely different than a triode mode of operation. 

The parameters of this new active element, are far different than any conventional triode; the inverted triode actually acts like a virtual “vacuum state transformer”. Instead of having gain, the inverted triode has a gain that of a fraction of unity,just like a step down transformer. The internal resistance is many times lower, and input capacitance is nearly zero.

The extra-ordinary parameters of the inverted triode used (100 times lower plate resistance than a 6SN7 tube, zero input capacitance) ,gives the output stage unrivalled measured performance : 2Hz-500KHz bandwidth , figures unreached by any triode - transformer output stage.

An example of the Inverted Triode’s technical advantage over a typical vacuum tube,ex 300B,is a comparison of the two  ,driving the same output transformer.The Inverted Triode tube presented a power bandwidth of 2Hz-500.000Hz where the 300B tube had a bandwidth of 15Hz-100.000Hz. Same transformer, same driver tube, but 5 times the bandwidth for the Inverted Triode tube.

The output stage is driven by the input tube with the help of an amorphous double-C core signal choke.

The output stage is driving a highest quality double-C core output transformer, with bifilar winding technique, which gives the transformer supreme frequency extension and supreme transient signal response parameters.

Signal attenuation is achieved with a uniquely designed multi-tap input transformer, which has special bifilar winding as well ,resulting in excellent performance both in frequency and time domain. The 26 separate taps are switched by small signal sealed relays.

All four vacuum tubes are fed by special quality PSUs, with four individual choke filtered capacitor banks.

The sound or non-sound of the Impera II, is a brand new experience in the audio world , and is achieved by radical new solutions, created after out-of the box research and testing.


Maximum gain: X7

Output stage bandwidth: 2Hz-500KHz

Attenuation method : Multi-tap input transformer

Power supply : Double choke filtered quad power supplies

Inputs: 5 unbalanced (balanced as an option), HT pass-through

Output: 15VRMS max unbalanced (balanced as an option)

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