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The following Terms and Conditions are a legal agreement between the Customer and Aries Cerat.

Please read the entire Agreement carefully.

















1.1) Aries Cerat is entitled to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. The visitor/user shall each time check the terms and conditions. Should the visitor / user continue to visit/use the Aries Cerat service, he/she shall be at any time deemed to acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions, as currently applicable.

1.2) You may not become a member at Aries Cerat Web site if you are less than thirteen (13) years of age.

1.3) By visiting Aries Cerat Online Store, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

1.4) The company has no responsibility for any damage caused by accessing, using or not being able to use the website.

1.5) The company is not responsible for the content of the links in the website.

1.6) The company has the right to end the operation and the services provided by the website any minute without any notice.

1.7) By registering or placing an order with us, you are consenting to receive e-mails from us regarding your registration or your order. Additionally, by registering or placing an order with us, you are consenting to receive newsletters from us. If you do not wish to receive newsletter emails from us, you may choose to disable the transmission of emails by Aries Cerat to your email box just by applying a filter already in your profile settings.

1.8) The company has the right to delete or modify the description and features on products appearing on the website.

1.9) Aries Cerat shall not be liable for any damage that may occur to the hardware or software of the user as a result of the use of this website and other internet resources whose links are in it.

1.10) Users' comments will be deleted if any bad, offensive, inappropriate and unacceptable language is detected.

1.11) Aries Cerat will not be held responsible for loss of data entered, in the website, by users in the event of a server failure. Aries Cerat will do its' best to safely preserve and backup all data related to the website and its' database. Daily backup of our database will be performed with no exceptions ensuring that in the event of a total server break down, most recent backup will be available.


2.1) All the logos, signs, buttons, multimedia elements and images, other than those showing products, are property of Aries Cerat. Copying, reproducing, distributing, modifying, public exposure or presentation any of them without written permission by the administration of Aries Cerat, is strictly prohibited.

2.2) Copying or reproducing of HTML code which was produced by Aries Cerat in building this website, is strictly prohibited.

2.3) Trademarks and logos of the products that appear in are literary property of the companies or the organizations manufacturing / producing them and are protected by literary property legislation.


3.1) The prices of the products displayed include VAT.

3.2) Aries Cerat is not responsible for any errors in our site, regarding prices appearing on posted products. Such cases, if detected, will be corrected as soon as possible. 3.3) Prices may vary without any notice.

3.3) All prices will be in euro currency.


4.1) Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her account login information like his/her username and password and for restricting access to their computer. Therefore customer agrees to accept responsibility for all activities that occur through his/her login account.

4.2) The company has the right to refuse service, cancel orders, terminate accounts, remove or edit content related to a user's login account, should it has suspicions that the user involved is trying to cheat and / or breach any part of these Terms & Conditions.


5.1) Customer agrees to enter and maintain valid and true personal data.

5.2) The company may collect and store private customer data, such as a customer's name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail address(es).

5.3) We use this data primarily to verify the customer's identity in order to avoid fraud. We may also use it for statistical analysis to improve our services, or to provide customized web content to the customer. We refer to this information as confidential and will not share it with any other company or organization or third party of any kind.

5.4) To ensure customer private data we use the secure HTTP protocol (HTTPS), which is the industry's standard for encryption and authentication.

5.5) The website does not use cookies to store sessions. Sessions are securely saved in our database in an encrypted format.


6.1) Aries Cerat offers a 7 day return policy on merchandise based on the following conditions:

6.2) If a customer receives a visibly damaged package/box, he/she has to refuse the product(s) upon original delivery attempt by the carrier. If a damaged package/box is accepted from the carrier, such damage should be noted on the carrier delivery record! Customer has to save the product and the original box / packaging and notify us immediately to arrange for an inspection of damaged products. Please notify Aries Cerat Customer Service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 70000 800.

6.3) Damaged merchandise stated in paragraph 6.2 will not be exchanged as this implies carrier mishandling. However, Aries Cerat will apply maximum effort to arrange for a full or partly refund from the courier service involved in the shipment. In exceptional cases Aries Cerat may consider and eventually choose, at its' own discretion, to ship for free a replacement for the damaged products to the customer. Damaged products have to be returned back to Aries Cerat.

6.4) If a customer has received a not visibly defective merchandise he/she must contact us maximum within 2 days so that we can arrange inspection.

6.5) In case a customer wishes to return a non defective or not damaged merchandise to us, it must be done within 7 days of Original Purchase Date, which is actually the date that the customer received the order, and the product has to be in its' unopened original box. Prior sending it to our premises, customer must inform us via email or telephone. Shipping costs, in this case, are entirely customer's responsibility.

6.6) Failure to return a product within the return period will be deemed to be an acceptance of the product.


7.1) We will refund money for products that were returned back to us within the period stated in paragraph 6.1 and regards products that were proved to be defective after our inspection excluding the case described in paragraph 6.2 for which Aries Cerat is not to be held responsible. We will also refund money regarding products described in paragraph 6.5.

7.2) In case of a merchandise return, a credit note will be issued for the respective amount applying to each case. The credit note will be in an electronic form and will be credited into customer's login account enabling him/her to purchase and submit an order having a total amount equal or greater to the credit note's. Should the customer wishes to receive the refund amount, a period of maximum 30 working days will apply depending on the method of original purchase. Cases of money refund, described in paragraph 7.0, are limited only to the net value of the related product(s) unless it has been proven that a product was defective prior sending it to the final customer.


8.1) There are 3 alternative ways of payment:

8.1.1) Charging your credit card via IMSP secure payment

8.1.2) Cash/Check on delivery via ACS (For Cyprus only)

8.1.3) Bank transfer (Worldwide)

8.1.4) Cash/Check (Only when an employee of Aries Cerat hands over an order to the customer.

8.2) The receipt of an order can be obtained electronically or shipped or handed over along with the actual order. As this website is selling exclusively over the internet, a global receipt form will apply to all customers and companies. An invoice will be available to the customer, after the completion of an order, through his/her login account.


9.1) The order reaches the place of delivery maximum in the next 2 bussiness days for Cyprus and Greece while the time of delivery is increased up to 3 bussiness days for innaccessible regions. We use ACS and UPS courier services to ensure the product delivery within Cyprus and abroad.

9.2) Regarding regions outside Cyprus, delivery may vary based on the final destination and can be up to two weeks.

9.3) Your shipping charges will appear at the check-out step of your order regardless of the order's destination. Our website will calculate the shipping expenses for every order.

9.4) We make sure that the delivery of your purchase is kept as cheap, safe and efficient as possible. Therefore, customer will be charged with shipping costs no higher than what Aries Cerat is charged by courier services.

9.5) Customer agrees to pay all fees and charges involved in his/her purchases (including any applicable taxes) at the rates in effect when the charges were incurred. We may require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. Orders bound for countries other than EU may be additionaly surcharged with customs rates applicable in every case. These charges will be at customer's account and will not be stated in the invoiced issued for the respective order.

9.6) Orders having a total of 100 Euros and greater will be free of shipping costs when their final destination is within Cyprus.


10.1) Discount coupons are valid for two months from the date they are issued/sent to the user's login account by the administration of this website. The user can use the discount coupon amount to purchase through the website. Customers have the option to spend or not the related amount at the check out step, by checking the appropriate check-box.


11.1) Proposer is defined as an already registered user with Aries Cerat who suggests to an other user, that may or may not have already registered with Aries Cerat, to purchase from the website

11.2) Any user may enter a proposer valid username in the respective text field while being at the check out step of his/her first order with Aries Cerat.

11.3) After a user enters a proposer's valid username in the check out step and submits the order, he/she will then not be able to enter an other proposer's username in subsequent orders as the proposer's username entered in the checkout of this user's first order will be infinitely used.

11.4) A proposer will keep being credited with the percent of 2% out of every order's total amount of the user(s) [A] who have already submited their first order including the proposer's correct username in the respective text field in their check out step.

11.5) The proposer will only be credited with the 2% of a user's [A] total order amount if he/she has submitted an order within a two month period prior the date of the user's [A] order submission.

11.6) Bonus Points will be electronically be credited into proposer's login account and will be valid for a period of two months. Bonus points cannot be passed from one proposer to another user and can be only used by the proposer who received the points. The proposer can choose to spend his/her bonus points at the check out, before submiting his/her order.


12.1) Warranty period is stated within each product's description. This period starts at the day of the invoice's issuance. Warranty will be valid only for the period indicated in the invoice. Cases where a product was misused, put under extensive force or weight, disassembled by a third party or broke down under circumstances that imply mishandling, will be treated as conditions for warranty to be void! In case a product breaks down, shipping costs will be on our account. If a breach of warranty conditions is detected later on, all expenses will be debited to the customer, including shipping costs already paid by Aries Cerat.


13.1) Availability of products may be based on our suppliers' stock. These cases include products posted in our website having, instead of an “In stock” icon, a “Call” icon on every product. Such cases will be treated as high priority matters as soon as a customer declares interest in buying one or more of the products having an icon “Call”. Customers will be notified about the actual availability and delivery date in a timely manner. For questions or comments regarding our policy, you may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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