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We believe that tube signal amplification is the way to go, but only if implemented without any compromise in any aspect. We do not use mainstream designs and tube types. We find that they fall short delivering music as they should be.

We only use transformer coupling throughout the signal chain, and give maximum attention to power supply design, using extensive choke regulation and polypropylene caps, removing every electrolytic cap from the signal chain. Our electronics are designed, built and tested in-house, using the highest quality components.

Special attention to customization in audio products. Custom speakers can be designed for any given room, driven by custom electronics designed for the purpose. Multiamplification can be implemented using tube crossovers and preamplifiers.

We can design and build any custom audio component that will match your existing equipment, or a whole system altogether, so a perfect audio chain is right in your living room giving a live performance every time you want to.

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