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To be aunched @ the upcoming Munich Show 2017, our newst pride.The Talos Limited Edition

Accompanied by our new SUT

Drop by Room N10/P13 , Halle 3 for a listen


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Visit us at Munich High End show 2017

@ Halle 3 , room N10/P13

HE17 Logo WSA GB

We will be showcasing our newest pride,the Limited Edition Talos phono stage. We welcome you to share our experience with our most exotic design yet.


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Analog sources will be our new pride the Talos Limited Edition accompanied by VYGER TT and Air Tight PC-1 Supreme.

Digital source will be our Kassandra Sig fed by the EVO 432 streamer.

Symphonia Aeneus speakers will be driven by our Concero 65 amp/Impera II combo.

Cabling will be Tellurium Q throughout with their Silver Diamond series...

Acousic treatment by SMT



Kassandra II Limited Edition review @ Mono and Stereo

by Dato`Danon Han

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Another  proud moment for our Kassandra Series ,the Kassandra II Limited Edition DAC was awarded with the Ultimate Digital Component of Analogue Fellowship for 2016-2017.

Greatest compliment awarded by hard core analog enthusiast 

A small sample:

I have a number of visiting audiophiles that came into my audio den and agreed with me how the Kassandra 2 SLE was so special, that it was comparable in performance with the top analogue sources in my audio system. 

 I could assure you, that it was not an easy statement to write and surely not one to digest especially to an "analogue first audiophile". 
 It brings me a great pleasure (with a humbled heart) to announc that the Kassandra 2 SLE DAC as the Ultimate Digital Component of Analogue Fellowship for 2016-2017. 
Finally, where is my cheque book? I am KEEPING KASSANDRA 2 SLE DAC!
Read the full review here

aries cerat kassandra dac review matej isak 2016 2017 mono and stereo 5 1

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New Music High End show 
@Brussels 2016


 MG 2456 w1200 h1000


 MG 2459 w1200 h1000



We are proud to announce the word debut of our new Concero 65 monoaural amplifiers,taking place at the biggest show in Belgium,the New Music High End Innovation show. A full Aries Cerat electronic stack will be supporting our newest proud achivement.

More info on our Belgium distributor here


See you all at room 207


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Official debut of our Diana Forte SET power amplifier

@ T.H.E show, Newport CA



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System comprised of


Aries Cerat Kassandra II Ref d/a converter

Aries Cerat Incito pre-amplifier

Aries Cerat Diana Forte power amplifier

Vandersteen Model 5 Carbon speakers

Vermouth Audio full cable set-up

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Diana Series expanding


We proudly announce that the Diana Series,will soon aquire two offsprings.

Along with the integrated, and basen on the same circuits,  the Diana Mezzo preamplifier and Diana Forte SET power amplifier will soon accompany the integrated for the completion of the Series


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Symphonia speaker review @ Mono & Stereo 


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Read part1

 patience for part2....



Aries Cerat USA debut @ CES 2016


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Full Aries Cerat system consisted of:


-Symph0nia Aeris speakers

-Concero 65 SET monoblock amplifiers

-Impera II SIg pre amplifier

-Kassandra Mk2 DAC

Rack and speaker footers by Stillpoints

cables by Kimber


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Highly excited to announce the launch of the special edition of the Symphonia horn speaker,the Aeris

Official launch at CES show, January 6-9 , @ room 35-204


See you there...


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We proudly announce the launch of our brand new Collatio II Single Ended OTL amplfier!!


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Diana Integrated review @Haute Fidelite 

 read here....

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 Blue Note Award for the Incito

We proudly announce that our Incito pre-amplifier,was awarded the Blue Note  award, as one of the best products of 2015 , by the fellows of Enjoy The Music Audio magazine.


Initio 1

Find out more....


Kassandra II official launch

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Gladius speaker review on

by Srajan Ebaenm

".....Out of the gate, the Gladius is a fully formed mature speaker. It's far from the mainstream but carries with it easily quantifiable design and performance excellence. That puts it up there where the air is thin, the vistas grand and dreams of better faint memories. What a debut for a 'conventional' speaker!..."

"...It simply means that for all its timing accuracy and speed, this speaker doesn't lack tone or body to require a thermionic injection. I achieved the greatest dynamic responsiveness, articulation and life charge without any valves in the signal path in fact. This reiterates my above claim that the Raal, Fostex and Acoustic Elegance transducers here are truly top spread and endowed with built-in tonefulness..."






"...The Gladius from Cyprus newcomer Aries Cerat is a very serious attempt at a state-of-the-art floorstander of still friendly dimensions. For €22.000/pr the buyer gets very worked-out external crossovers, inert cabinetry with 'wind-tunnel' head units and three carefully selected and modified drivers per side which must be amongst the top available options in their respective bandwidth windows.



Anyone sufficiently familiar with the industry can quickly calculate that the tall sticker buys rather more in materials and execution than is the current norm. It's why despite the new-car price this is actually quite a value proposition for the wealthy..."

Read the full review...


Munich High End Show 2011



Pondera's Reference preamp and Talos Reference Phono system official debut

Amplification : Aries Cerat Exsequor Reference Monoblocks

Preamplification : Aries Cerat Pondera Reference

Speakers : Tune's Audio ANIMA horn speakers

Active Sub : Tune's Audio PULSE horn subwoofer

Analog sources : Aries Cerat Talos Reference phono system

Clearaudio's Innovation w universal tonearm

Clearaudio's daVinci cardridge

Digital Playback : Aries Cerat Kassandra Reference Processor

MSB Technologies transport

Signal Cables : Signal Projects

Power Cables :Signal Projects




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Athens High End Show 2010


October 22-24

Aries Cerat official debut, accompanied by Tune Audio 's Anima horn speakers




  • - Exsequor Reference Tube Monoblock - Impera Reference Preamplifier - Kassandra Reference Digital Processor - Nordost Valhalla Cables
  • - Kassandra Digital Processor
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