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Talos Signature review from Mono and Stereo
ARIES CERAT TELOS SIG PHONO PREAMPLIFIER review mono and stereo matej isak 2020 2021 2022 25
Review from Matej Isak
What a way to start the year.The long waited Talos Signature review is out.
Our design was given an Editors Choice award, among other compliments
editor choice
"The Aries Cerat Talos Signature is the best phono preamp I have had the pleasure of testing, regardless of whether it's a solid-state
or tube design and regardless of the price.
The Aries Cerat Talos Signature is everything: spacious, dynamic, transparent, and goes beyond the expected with the intimacy of the music.
The music non-stop, as Kraftwerk would say!"
Thank you Matej Isak for the honor.


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Genus 845 integrated amplifier review from Image Hi Fi (Germany)

Our Genus 845 just got a fantastic review from German magazine ImageHifi.

"The bottom line:The Genus might be Aries Cerat’s entry-level amplier, but it’s honestly hard to even imagine an amplier that could deliver better sonic results."

Read more in our review section here



It is finally here.Our TriodeFet technology showcase Series,the Ianus,with its debuting model ,the Geminae



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Our first ever commercial design ,and one of our proudest moments, the Exsequor amplifier,finally got it's facelift


rsz exse4

Our baby d/a converter ,Helene,was reviewed in German magazine, Image HiFi.

Mr. Ekkehard Strauss asks :"In a way, the Heléne is the start of a new era. And of new questions too: That extraordinary sound quality... how is it even possible?"

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Helene top web






It's been a busy two last months for some of our distributors,as many shows are being organized this time of year.A few pictures from our designs participating in local shows.

Netherlands, Israel, three shows is Germany, Switzerland, two shows in UK...

Big thank you to our local distributors for their great work.


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Screenshot 20191017 182353



Munich High End Show 2019

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A big thank you to all that visited our room at the recent Munich High End Show 2019. We let music do the talking,and feedback was overwhelming with great comments.

We want to thank everyone involved in the room, we could not pulled this stunning room without our great partners.

At this show, we had duputed our Helene d/a converter,the new Talos Signature phono stage,as well as the Achilleas flagship six chassis SE ampilfier.


Some feedback from the press:

 Enjoy the Music

Best of Show by Greg Weaver

Best Of HIGH END 2019 1 1

"We started the demo with vinyl, as Joshua knows I'm an analog fan. Listening to some Louis Armstrong was chilling, as Satchmo seemed to be recreated in front of us. This system had Immediacy in spades. Solo piano had such amazing attack, vibrant tone, and realistic texture, it was like it was in the room. This system was just dripping with texture and body yet delivered tremendous resolution and transparency. The result was a soundstage that was three dimensional as hell... Everything just gelled, especially the further back into the room you got.

Moving to digital, he played a cut I'd never heard that featured a very active Flamenco dancer. I don't know if it was just the quality of the recording (as I said, it was unfamiliar), the bloom and resolve of this system, or most likely, some combination of both, but the wood tone of flooring or platform he was dancing on rendered his stomps in the most chilling and off-the-hook dynamic manner I can recall hearing."








Top 10 Favorite Rooms, by Edgar Kramer:

201906 HEM 2019 7

 "In this context, the sound was incredibly dynamic (I really felt a drum track in the pit of my stomach), detailed and spacious. There was tremendous bass albeit with some periodic overhang – most likely room related. Scale was also a word that kept popping into my head as I sat there pinned to the chair. A great showing with a company that has elevated itself to a serious power-niche contender."










HiFi Live magazine:

Best of Show


IMG 8481

  "Being the system that undoubtedly more astonished left me and I will catalog as the best sound of the fair exceeding the highest quality levels that I usually deliver in terms of sound without compromise refers to the complete system of Cypriot origin Aries Cerat. A sound that will cost to overcome listening, given its slack, timbre, dimension, finishes and above all levels of delivered realism. I am still recovering on the sofa of my home from what happened there."













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0516 Aries2 600


  "Overall this system had so much Thor’s hammer blown-hemi race car  power it scared me. When it finished sweeping me away like a flash flood, it picked me up and kissed me like Sophia Loren"

PartTime Audiophile:
PartTimeAudiophile 697
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We welcome you to room D05 ,Halle 1 @ Munich High End show 2019

 HE19Logo Visitus Date Munich2019

Drop by to see and hear our latest developments,among them ,the new Talos Signature, and in digital,something small and feisty

rsz img 5597


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Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show @ Melbourne 2018


Our Australian distributor Purasound pulled off an amazing system during the last Melbourne show.

Full AC system comprised of the Limited Edition Symphonia speakers.
Amplifiers on hand were the Genus integrated(on power amp mode,resting on a nice Staccore platform) and the Diana Forte SET power amp.Forte took the lion's share of the time pie.

Sources were Kassandra Ref dac fed through a Pink Faun sever.
The Talos Ref dual chassis phono didn't had a chance to participate to the party as a transportation accident of the TT tonearm was show stopper.

Preamplifier duties were handed to Incito S with it's first show presentation.

The system was set in two different walls for the three days of the event.Robert , changed system orientation in the room on the second day with more than worthy sonic improvements.Not an easy task with an almost 1 tonne system.


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201810 aus hi fi AV show opener 1b


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Genus integrated amplifier hit the USA shores, debuting @ RMAF 2018



Full electronic stack included the Impera II Sig acting as preamplifier with Genus taking the lead as power amplifier.

 Pictures courtesy of Believe High Fidelity





Concero Series of amplifiers completion


We proudly anounce the completion of the Concero Series of SET mono amplifiers,

with the awaiting launch of the Concero Sig and Concero Limited Edition single ended amplifiers.

Official launch of both products is Q4 2018...


The now full family of Concero Series would include the

Concero 25

Concero 65

Concero Sig

Concero LE


Stay tuned!


rsz img 4445

World first review of our Incito S preamplifier

by Dato Danon Han @ Analog Fellowship


"Aries Cerat Incito S, a tube line stage beyond boundary?!"

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Thank you Danon Han Hong Denfor a great write up.
""The Incito S preamplifier achieves that rare feat of balancing the lovely qualities of both tube and transistor equipment to present recorded music as it should be reproduced.
The transparency to each recorded musical note was uncanny and surreal.""

Read more..



Liquid SuperCopper finish,for the Symphonia Special Limited Edition horn speaker

First pair to be shipped out soon.

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Full Aries Cerat System in Belgium

Proud owner in Belgium,enjoying a full AC system ,build around the Symphonia horn speaker.


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New designs coming up....

Announced in September,new exciting products to be presented...


rsz img 4469


rsz img 4453


rsz rsz img 4403




We are proud that our room in the Munich High End show,was listed as one of the top 5 systems by HiFi Pig

""When someone, whose opinion you trust about high end hifi, tells you that a room sounds so beautiful it moved them to tears…you make sure you go into that room and have a serious listen. Jack at BD Audio had not steered us wrong! A visually stunning room featuring Aries Cerat Symphonia horn loudspeakers, that are wonderfully made from wood, and their hefty Concero 65 monoblock valve amplifiers, plus more of their electronics. There was an equally stunning Vyger Indian Signature turntable, 432 EVO music server and the system was fully cabled with Tellurium Q Silver Diamond with Ultra Silver power cables.

Now this is all very high end gear, it’s big and unashamedly bold so a feast for audiophile eyes as well as ears. They were playing classical music when we went in, normally not something that appeals to me but if music that I don’t normally listen to can captivate me then it’s a good sign. It really was simply stunning and definitely one of the best sounding rooms at the show…also one that we will make a beeline for next year and hopefully get to hear a wider variety of music too.""



Due to some  technical problems from our email server, a lot of incoming email have been dropped. 

We do apologize for the inconvenience.If your emails to our company were left unresponded to,please resend with a cc to

sigmadane at  until we resolve this matter.


Thank you

Aries Cerat IT Team


Our demo room in Munich High End Show

 has been awarded with the

Gold Show Award from AVShowrooms


Aries Cerat Highend Munich 2017

After an amazing Munich show,our room has been awarded with the Gold Show Award from AVShowroom!! Thank you Peter and Terry Breuninger for your very honorable comments and Award.

The "take-home" room was our room, watch more at:

Munich High End Show 2017

Aries Cerat want to express it's appreciation for all visitors of our demo room,at the recent Munich Hogh End show.You visit and comments are highly appreciated.

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To be aunched @ the upcoming Munich Show 2017, our newst pride.The Talos Limited Edition

Accompanied by our new SUT

Drop by Room N10/P13 , Halle 3 for a listen


rsz img 4318 1


rsz img 4308

Visit us at Munich High End show 2017

@ Halle 3 , room N10/P13

HE17 Logo WSA GB

We will be showcasing our newest pride,the Limited Edition Talos phono stage. We welcome you to share our experience with our most exotic design yet.


20170423 112713


Analog sources will be our new pride the Talos Limited Edition accompanied by VYGER TT and Air Tight PC-1 Supreme.

Digital source will be our Kassandra Sig fed by the EVO 432 streamer.

Symphonia Aeneus speakers will be driven by our Concero 65 amp/Impera II combo.

Cabling will be Tellurium Q throughout with their Silver Diamond series...

Acousic treatment by SMT



Kassandra II Limited Edition review @ Mono and Stereo

by Dato`Danon Han

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Another  proud moment for our Kassandra Series ,the Kassandra II Limited Edition DAC was awarded with the Ultimate Digital Component of Analogue Fellowship for 2016-2017.

Greatest compliment awarded by hard core analog enthusiast 

A small sample:

I have a number of visiting audiophiles that came into my audio den and agreed with me how the Kassandra 2 SLE was so special, that it was comparable in performance with the top analogue sources in my audio system. 

 I could assure you, that it was not an easy statement to write and surely not one to digest especially to an "analogue first audiophile". 
 It brings me a great pleasure (with a humbled heart) to announc that the Kassandra 2 SLE DAC as the Ultimate Digital Component of Analogue Fellowship for 2016-2017. 
Finally, where is my cheque book? I am KEEPING KASSANDRA 2 SLE DAC!
Read the full review here

aries cerat kassandra dac review matej isak 2016 2017 mono and stereo 5 1

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New Music High End show 
@Brussels 2016


 MG 2456 w1200 h1000


 MG 2459 w1200 h1000



We are proud to announce the word debut of our new Concero 65 monoaural amplifiers,taking place at the biggest show in Belgium,the New Music High End Innovation show. A full Aries Cerat electronic stack will be supporting our newest proud achivement.

More info on our Belgium distributor here


See you all at room 207


rsz img 4133


rsz img 4147

Official debut of our Diana Forte SET power amplifier

@ T.H.E show, Newport CA



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System comprised of


Aries Cerat Kassandra II Ref d/a converter

Aries Cerat Incito pre-amplifier

Aries Cerat Diana Forte power amplifier

Vandersteen Model 5 Carbon speakers

Vermouth Audio full cable set-up

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Diana Series expanding


We proudly announce that the Diana Series,will soon aquire two offsprings.

Along with the integrated, and basen on the same circuits,  the Diana Mezzo preamplifier and Diana Forte SET power amplifier will soon accompany the integrated for the completion of the Series


rsz img 2063

Symphonia speaker review @ Mono & Stereo 


aries cerat test concero matej isak mono and stereo 2 1

Read part1

 patience for part2....



Aries Cerat USA debut @ CES 2016


rsz img 1949


Full Aries Cerat system consisted of:


-Symph0nia Aeris speakers

-Concero 65 SET monoblock amplifiers

-Impera II SIg pre amplifier

-Kassandra Mk2 DAC

Rack and speaker footers by Stillpoints

cables by Kimber


rsz img 1942


rsz img 1951


rsz img 1953


rsz img 1966


rsz img 1968


rsz img 1971


rsz img 1976


rsz img 1990


Highly excited to announce the launch of the special edition of the Symphonia horn speaker,the Aeris

Official launch at CES show, January 6-9 , @ room 35-204


See you there...


rsz img 1593


rsz img 1603


rsz img 1621

We proudly announce the launch of our brand new Collatio II Single Ended OTL amplfier!!


rsz 1collatio


Diana Integrated review @Haute Fidelite 

 read here....

rsz img 5294

 Blue Note Award for the Incito

We proudly announce that our Incito pre-amplifier,was awarded the Blue Note  award, as one of the best products of 2015 , by the fellows of Enjoy The Music Audio magazine.


Initio 1

Find out more....


Kassandra II official launch

rsz img 1132

Gladius speaker review on

by Srajan Ebaenm

".....Out of the gate, the Gladius is a fully formed mature speaker. It's far from the mainstream but carries with it easily quantifiable design and performance excellence. That puts it up there where the air is thin, the vistas grand and dreams of better faint memories. What a debut for a 'conventional' speaker!..."

"...It simply means that for all its timing accuracy and speed, this speaker doesn't lack tone or body to require a thermionic injection. I achieved the greatest dynamic responsiveness, articulation and life charge without any valves in the signal path in fact. This reiterates my above claim that the Raal, Fostex and Acoustic Elegance transducers here are truly top spread and endowed with built-in tonefulness..."






"...The Gladius from Cyprus newcomer Aries Cerat is a very serious attempt at a state-of-the-art floorstander of still friendly dimensions. For €22.000/pr the buyer gets very worked-out external crossovers, inert cabinetry with 'wind-tunnel' head units and three carefully selected and modified drivers per side which must be amongst the top available options in their respective bandwidth windows.



Anyone sufficiently familiar with the industry can quickly calculate that the tall sticker buys rather more in materials and execution than is the current norm. It's why despite the new-car price this is actually quite a value proposition for the wealthy..."

Read the full review...


Munich High End Show 2011



Pondera's Reference preamp and Talos Reference Phono system official debut

Amplification : Aries Cerat Exsequor Reference Monoblocks

Preamplification : Aries Cerat Pondera Reference

Speakers : Tune's Audio ANIMA horn speakers

Active Sub : Tune's Audio PULSE horn subwoofer

Analog sources : Aries Cerat Talos Reference phono system

Clearaudio's Innovation w universal tonearm

Clearaudio's daVinci cardridge

Digital Playback : Aries Cerat Kassandra Reference Processor

MSB Technologies transport

Signal Cables : Signal Projects

Power Cables :Signal Projects




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Athens High End Show 2010


October 22-24

Aries Cerat official debut, accompanied by Tune Audio 's Anima horn speakers




  • - Exsequor Reference Tube Monoblock - Impera Reference Preamplifier - Kassandra Reference Digital Processor - Nordost Valhalla Cables
  • - Kassandra Digital Processor
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