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Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show @ Melbourne 2018


Our Australian distributor Purasound pulled off an amazing system during the last Melbourne show.

Full AC system comprised of the Limited Edition Symphonia speakers.
Amplifiers on hand were the Genus integrated(on power amp mode,resting on a nice Staccore platform) and the Diana Forte SET power amp.Forte took the lion's share of the time pie.

Sources were Kassandra Ref dac fed through a Pink Faun sever.
The Talos Ref dual chassis phono didn't had a chance to participate to the party as a transportation accident of the TT tonearm was show stopper.

Preamplifier duties were handed to Incito S with it's first show presentation.

The system was set in two different walls for the three days of the event.Robert , changed system orientation in the room on the second day with more than worthy sonic improvements.Not an easy task with an almost 1 tonne system.


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