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Munich High End Show 2019

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A big thank you to all that visited our room at the recent Munich High End Show 2019. We let music do the talking,and feedback was overwhelming with great comments.

We want to thank everyone involved in the room, we could not pulled this stunning room without our great partners.

At this show, we had duputed our Helene d/a converter,the new Talos Signature phono stage,as well as the Achilleas flagship six chassis SE ampilfier.


Some feedback from the press:

 Enjoy the Music

Best of Show by Greg Weaver

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"We started the demo with vinyl, as Joshua knows I'm an analog fan. Listening to some Louis Armstrong was chilling, as Satchmo seemed to be recreated in front of us. This system had Immediacy in spades. Solo piano had such amazing attack, vibrant tone, and realistic texture, it was like it was in the room. This system was just dripping with texture and body yet delivered tremendous resolution and transparency. The result was a soundstage that was three dimensional as hell... Everything just gelled, especially the further back into the room you got.

Moving to digital, he played a cut I'd never heard that featured a very active Flamenco dancer. I don't know if it was just the quality of the recording (as I said, it was unfamiliar), the bloom and resolve of this system, or most likely, some combination of both, but the wood tone of flooring or platform he was dancing on rendered his stomps in the most chilling and off-the-hook dynamic manner I can recall hearing."








Top 10 Favorite Rooms, by Edgar Kramer:

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 "In this context, the sound was incredibly dynamic (I really felt a drum track in the pit of my stomach), detailed and spacious. There was tremendous bass albeit with some periodic overhang – most likely room related. Scale was also a word that kept popping into my head as I sat there pinned to the chair. A great showing with a company that has elevated itself to a serious power-niche contender."










HiFi Live magazine:

Best of Show


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  "Being the system that undoubtedly more astonished left me and I will catalog as the best sound of the fair exceeding the highest quality levels that I usually deliver in terms of sound without compromise refers to the complete system of Cypriot origin Aries Cerat. A sound that will cost to overcome listening, given its slack, timbre, dimension, finishes and above all levels of delivered realism. I am still recovering on the sofa of my home from what happened there."













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  "Overall this system had so much Thor’s hammer blown-hemi race car  power it scared me. When it finished sweeping me away like a flash flood, it picked me up and kissed me like Sophia Loren"

PartTime Audiophile:
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