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by Srajan Ebaenm

".....Out of the gate, the Gladius is a fully formed mature speaker. It's far from the mainstream but carries with it easily quantifiable design and performance excellence. That puts it up there where the air is thin, the vistas grand and dreams of better faint memories. What a debut for a 'conventional' speaker!..."

"...It simply means that for all its timing accuracy and speed, this speaker doesn't lack tone or body to require a thermionic injection. I achieved the greatest dynamic responsiveness, articulation and life charge without any valves in the signal path in fact. This reiterates my above claim that the Raal, Fostex and Acoustic Elegance transducers here are truly top spread and endowed with built-in tonefulness..."






"...The Gladius from Cyprus newcomer Aries Cerat is a very serious attempt at a state-of-the-art floorstander of still friendly dimensions. For €22.000/pr the buyer gets very worked-out external crossovers, inert cabinetry with 'wind-tunnel' head units and three carefully selected and modified drivers per side which must be amongst the top available options in their respective bandwidth windows.



Anyone sufficiently familiar with the industry can quickly calculate that the tall sticker buys rather more in materials and execution than is the current norm. It's why despite the new-car price this is actually quite a value proposition for the wealthy..."

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