Aries Cerat News

We are proud that our room in the Munich High End show,was listed as one of the top 5 systems by HiFi Pig

""When someone, whose opinion you trust about high end hifi, tells you that a room sounds so beautiful it moved them to tears…you make sure you go into that room and have a serious listen. Jack at BD Audio had not steered us wrong! A visually stunning room featuring Aries Cerat Symphonia horn loudspeakers, that are wonderfully made from wood, and their hefty Concero 65 monoblock valve amplifiers, plus more of their electronics. There was an equally stunning Vyger Indian Signature turntable, 432 EVO music server and the system was fully cabled with Tellurium Q Silver Diamond with Ultra Silver power cables.

Now this is all very high end gear, it’s big and unashamedly bold so a feast for audiophile eyes as well as ears. They were playing classical music when we went in, normally not something that appeals to me but if music that I don’t normally listen to can captivate me then it’s a good sign. It really was simply stunning and definitely one of the best sounding rooms at the show…also one that we will make a beeline for next year and hopefully get to hear a wider variety of music too.""



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