Concero 65 Series

Monoblock Tube Amplifiers

 Finally the official completion of the Concero 65 Series of amplifier,with the Ref,Signature and Limited Edition versions.

More details very soon.


rsz img 5428


Concero 65 Elevations 1


Concero Sig Elevations White


Concero LE Elevations 1






    As an output tube, we use the RCA 813 DHP, also used on our topReference model, the Exsequor. This transmitter tube, maybe is, the most linear power tube ever built. Triode curves quality are unmatched even by the most linear 300B tubes, of course bigger triodes like the 833 are far behind in linearity and sound. This big bottle tube never seizes to impress us whenever we compare it in our labs with ANY power tube used today, and is our weapon of choice when designing SOTA SET amplifiers



    Debut of the Concero 56 during 2014 Munich High End show.

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