Concero 65 Monoblock Tube Amplifier


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Power output:        65W

Power bandwidth : 15Hz-110kHz

SNR :                   <-105db

Tubes used :         2 X 813 RCA, 1 X 814 RCA


The Concero 65 are available in two chassis options.Classic and facelift versions are available

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Driver Stage:

  • 814 DHT tube, amorphous C-core,bifilar winded interstage transformer.
  • High power film capacitor (choke regulated) banks.
  • Triple filtered filaments.


Output stage:

  • Parallel 813 SET stage,ultra low noise adjustable bias circuits.
  • High power film capacitors, choke regulated banks.
  • The film Capacitors used,have  ~1000 times the max current surge rating than any electrolytic used in other amplifiers,and 10 times less ESR/ESL than any electrolytic capacitor.
  • Choke used is a 11kg-core  inductor, providing extra energy storage.
  • Triple filtered filaments.
  • Oversized ,highest quality output transformer.
  • 700.000uF total primary and secondary circuits capacitance

Separate toroidal transformers for output stage,driver and filaments, 1500VA total

Auto soft start power up


Dimensions: 580mmW X 480mmD X 360mmH

Weight: 100Kg unpacked


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    As an output tube, we use the RCA 813 DHP, also used on our topReference model, the Exsequor. This transmitter tube, maybe is, the most linear power tube ever built. Triode curves quality are unmatched even by the most linear 300B tubes, of course bigger triodes like the 833 are far behind in linearity and sound. This big bottle tube never seizes to impress us whenever we compare it in our labs with ANY power tube used today, and is our weapon of choice when designing SOTA SET amplifiers



    Debut of the Concero 56 during 2014 Munich High End show.

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