The Essentia is second design coming out of our labs, representing the Ianus Series.

Essentia intro


We are very excited to work on this project, and is to be launched in Q4 2020.

Th Essentia amplifier uses the same TriodeFet technology, but has features that make it unique in the already innovative Ianus range.

In contrary to the bigger Geminae model,the Essentia is using the TriodeFet active element in a very different topology, as this is a Single Ended design

Concept of design:

This Essentia design, is not only Single Ended, but it is also a Single Stage ! There is no driver stage and no input stage!

This extremely simple topology is an elsusive design goal for many, including our lab.It is only possible to execute now, as we are finally able to use an active element that has the needed specifications for the purpose: Extremely high linearity, high voltage gain , high current gain and very high input impedance. The Essentia, is, as its name suggests: Consisted of only one TriodeFet stage, fed directly, and used as a simple SE amplifier. Uses only the “Essense” of the Series technology.

The amplifier power delivery is 40W (8ohm).

Inputs will include our proprietary AC link input, as well (as an option) the Transformer Volume Control (TVC) variable gain input ,which is also found on the bigger brother. The triode-like transfer curves of the TriodeFet means that it sounds like a true SOTA SE tube amplifier, but is able to deliver more current, is maintenance free (the internal tubes used for curve creation are rated at 10,000 hours lifespan) and its unique single stage nature means that it is as sonically transparent as it can get.

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