Kassandra 2 REF

Kassandra Series

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* 16 R2R converters per channel, complimentary current output

(using the top grade AD1865N-K , 8 converters per bank, 16 per channel)

* Eight discrete ultra-low-noise regulators

(for the 4 converter banks)


*Extensive local decoupling,using tuned LC filters

*Overengineered power supplies,power input filters

(8 torroidal transformers,over 2.5Farad total system capacitance,wideband local decoupling,Sig version)

* Transformer I/V conversion

(custom wideband transformers,balanced current to SE voltage conversion)

* Internal Super-Clock

(bypassable on the fly.Separate torroidal transformer,triple regulated supply)

*Transformer loaded super tube output stage

(using the E280F tube. 5:1 step down transformer,double choke filtered supply)

- 30Vpp output @ 0db
- Balanced output(optional)
- USB input up to 24/384KHz

- Jitter attenuation down to femptosec level
- Output impendance ~40ohms (balanced output)



Dimensions : 540mmW X 520mmD X 165mmH

Weight:   60kg



Jitter measurement of a typical isochronus USB transport .




This is the jitter present on the word clock of the transport before even the spdif transmission to the dac.

Jitter measurement,present on the wordclock of the converters of Kassandra dac, using the USB transport.


Jitter distribution measurement, of word clock synchonising the 24 converters of the Kassandra DAC, with the internal reclocker enabled, using the same USB converter.


Jitter distribution, after double reclocking of the wordsync clock.

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