Contendo Reference


“The best speaker up to date” Many speakers claimed this title, but all fell short for many reasons. Laws of physics cannot be bend ,but only be used in favor of creating a speaker perfect enough to deserve a place among the best.

 Only by extended use of engineering tools,years of measurements and ear tuning and use of nothing but the best drivers for the job ,a true highest performance speaker can be born.

       The Contendo is born

Horn loading is the most controversial approach in audio reproduction. Horn loading has numerous advantages over every other technology available today. Having ultra high efficiency, means total lack in power compression distortion and distortion due to high displacements of the driver’s  cone. However, a not perfectly implemented horn will sound far away from what is called high fidelity.

Building a perfect horn is not an easy business. It takes time, large space and special drivers. Not your typical floor stander. Special expensive drivers are mandatory ,and not many are out there with the proper tone.

Building a proper flare for the bandwidth with perfect termination is something that not everyone takes into serious account.  Large physical offsets between the drivers make the crossover design unbelievable difficult. We believe we made it possible.And the Contendo is the proof.


Our Approach in a few words

High frequency

      Using a custom designed and built ribbon tweeter, with a ultra light aluminum foil of just 7mg, with a response up to 100khz,hand built silver wire /amorphous core transformers ,we gave the speaker unparallel quality in high frequency reproduction. We took a step further, and horn loaded the tweeter, with a tractrix horn that continues its flare back up to 360o so no diffraction is present .Having so, we gave the tweeter super dynamics and perfect transient response. Measuring performance is absolutely unparalleled ,and sounds an nothing you ever heard.Guaranteed.


Tweeter responce / distrortions @114db level

contendo3During contruction of the midrange horn wood enclosure

Mid frequency

Using a highest quality compression driver, with 4’ titanium diagram and 11kg magnetic circuit, as our mid frequency reproducer ,requires nothing less than a perfect flared horn.We use a 350hz tractrix horn, o load the driver from 700 to 3000hz,and taking the flare back to 360o building the horn in our solid wood bullet shape enclosure ,we completely removed diffraction as an issue. Efficiency is 118db/W and is attenuated via a impedance matching transformer to 104db/w


Most horn speakers, use direct radiating drivers for midbass reproduction.We feel that anything less that a hornloaded driver would compromise the total project.Midbass is the base of the music,in all genres.

In order to cover the 110 to 700hz range we use a full size 105Hz round tractrix horn, loaded with a powerfull ultralight  8in driver,with a super strong motor and a total moving mass of just 13gr , giving unbelievable detailed and defined midbass . The tractrix flare also continues at 360deg  ,and is build in a massive wooden bullet shape enclosure,in order to perfectrly terminate the horn flare, so that diffraction is not an issue here as well.Efficiency is an astonishingly 115db/w and is attenuated via an impedance matching transformer to 104db/w .No direct driver is capable of delivering the sheer impact, detail  and energy and that horn delivers in an ease.


   The midbass horn enclosure measures 120cm(105cm for the horn) in diameter and 135cm in length



The speaker system, is accompanied by a pair of active sealed box bass-modules , equipped with two 15’ woofers each .The woofers are capable of 34mm of linear displacement , and run flat to 20Hz -6db @ 14Hz) with minimum distortion, giving the speaker earth shaking capabilities, yet at the same time not messing with the clarity of the rest audible range with any ported box noise.It is tuned for optimum transient response ,giving excellent articulated and descriptive bass.


Bass module Amplifier

The amplifier for driving these massive woofers is a hybrid stereo amplifier designed and builted in house.It uses input transformers for ground isolation and hum elimination.It's adjustable tube crossover ,with the ultra low Rp chokeloaded 6c19p tube,paraffeds another signal transformer,that drives the dual 400W class d amplifier,with their dual switching power supplies.

Thus the modules  can be  driven to deliver more bass that you probably can handle, with stunningly defined bass notes and pace.Only the best low frequency reproducers could be part  of this 4way speaker system.

   A pair of external crossovers is used for the top 3 ways, using copper foil inductors and top quality polysterine and Teflon capacitors.The crossover is tuned using state of the art equipment and software, as is the offset of the drivers.The speaker is tuned to measure ruler flat from 20 to well over 50khz.

   Most importantly,we give our best to make the speaker time coherent.A perfect impulse response is a must for a highest quality reproducer.

  Perfect measurements are nothing if the speaker doesn’t get you the feeling that you are there.Massive dynamics,real life timpre and breathtaking presence is something that will take a whole other meaning,when you hear the Contento horn speaker system.

If there is not such thing as a perfect music reproducer,then the Contendo is pretty much as close as it gets.

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