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The need for a relatively sensitive conventional floor stander, lead us to the design of a not-so-conventional speaker. The Gladius speaker is born.
Using the best possible drivers for the bandwidth intended to operate, and keeping the overall cabinet volume as down to earth possible, our 3-way creation claims to be among the best direct radiating floor standers made.

The low end is delivered by an acoustic suspension loaded 12'' driver. With ultra light cone of just 55gms and it's 28mm Xmax delivers more tuneful bass notes than any BR design can reproduce. Using proprietary resistive bass loading techniques, we managed to keep the total system Q down with as little internal volume possible, at the same time using a very light bass driver. With a total Qtc of 0.65 ,we combine optimal transient ,phase and frequency response.
The woofer's cabin is made form randomly layed wooden layers made from two variations of plywood ,which differ in density, for breaking-up vibration modes. The cabin is internally braced,and is coated with a special polyurethane rubber 15~25mm in thickness, which dampens the vibrations and making the speaker as acoustically dead as possible.

Our midrange driver is enclosed in a specially made bullet-shaped structure made from solid wood ,designed to eliminate diffraction, making the midrange driver virtually baffle less.

The critical midrange band is solely delivered by an 5'' AlNiCo magnet driver, in the separate bullet-shaped sealed enclosure. Only this ultra fast driver,(3.5gms Mms ) can be seamlessly be blended with our high frequency reproducer. Our midrange driver is a highly linear and extended range driver which can reproduce a frequency range of 100Hz ~ 18KHz with very high linearity, and it is used only as an 2,5 octave driver, keeping the best out of this highest quality reproducer.

The high and Ultra high frequency band is reproduced by a custom made True Ribbon tweeter.The ribbon is using an aluminium foil of just 4 milligrams in weight, and an amorphous core transformer. It’s transient responce is not matched by any tweeter on the market, and it's frequency range is kept linear up to 100KHz without any breakups, in opposition to any other conventional tweeter.

The external crossover uses copper foil inductors and polypropylene capacitors, and is time domain optimized. The crossover can be factory custom-configured to perfectly match your listening room.


Speaker Specifications

Sensitivity @ 1W @ 1m : 91db

Weight each : 67Kg

Crossover Frequencies/slopes:

Midbass/mid : 500Hz 2nd & Variable slope (maximun GD linearity optimized)
Mid/High : 3200Hz Variable Slope & Variable slope (maximum GD linearity optimized)

Nominal Impedance : 5ohm(4.1ohm minimum)*see impedance chart

Dimensions (w/o Base) : 137mmH X 400W X 320D

The speakers can be custom finished in any Colour available in the auto industry,or in narural wood finish.



    Amplifier friendly total impedance





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