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Our smallest speaker yet, the Stentor is ready to change the way mid-efficiency speakers perform.
A small successor of the Gladius speaker, the Stentor keeps the sonic virtues of the bigger brother while keeping the weight and size to even more manageable figures.
Bass-midbass driver used ,is a carbon fiber 10'' driver, loaded in a sealed enclosure. The carbon fibers are not woven in texture to avoid standing waves and break-up modes present in every other carbon fiber woofer.

Midrange driver is an ultra light, mica and plant fiber cone reproducer, treated in house. The midrange enclosure uses a unique technique of diffusing the back wave, making the driver enclosure anechoic in the band used.

The high and Ultra high frequency band is reproduced by a custom made True Ribbon tweeter, a close sibbling of the Gladius tweeter, also using an aluminium foil of just 4 milligrams in weight. It’s transient response is not matched by any tweeter on the market, and it's frequency range is kept linear up to 100KHz without any breakups, in opposition to any other conventional tweeter.

The Stentor filters are designed and developed using proprietary techniques,top engineering programs and endless ear-tuning hours, using real time A/B blind testing for every parameter of the design. The crossover points,variable slopes attenuation slopes and offset positioning of the drivers are tailor -cut to the greatest of accuracy.
Time coherency and directivity pattern linearity of the speaker is unique, and gives the speaker virtues that stand ahead of the competition. Stage depth, accuracy and physical presence of the recorded instruments are unsurpassed.
Crossover part count stops at 60 parts per pair, and includes top quality air core copper foil inductors, near zero ohm inductors for the woofer filters, paper in oil-foil capacitors and supreme quality polystyrene capacitors.
Sensitivity @ 1W @ 1m : 88db
Weight each : 50Kg

Crossover Frequencies/slopes

Midbass/mid : 450Hz 2nd & Variable slope (maximun GD linearity ptimized)
Mid/High : 3000Hz Variable Slope & Variable slope (maximumGDlinearity optimized)
Nominal Impedance : 8ohm (5.1ohm minimum)
Dimensions (inc Base) : 1310mmH X 450W X 360D

The speakers can be custom finished in any Colour available in the auto industry.
External Crossover optional

Speakers are provided with laser speaker toe in/tilt adjustment tool for optimum placement.




    The cabinet, of the Stentor, is constructed using stacked layers of supreme quality plywood. Unlike all other speakers that are assembled from sheets of mdf or ply, the cabinet is put together by a massive number of precision cut ,ring-like shaped layers, a total number of 70 unique pieces is used per piece, with a total 140 piece-layers per pair! This extremely time-material-labor consuming method , results to the best cabinet possible, in terms of mechanical rigidity and acoustically optimized construction. The cabin is internally braced, and coated with a special polyurethane rubber 15~25mm in thickness, which dampens the vibrations and making the speaker as acoustically dead as possible, same technique as the bigger brother, the Gladius.



    Speaker impedance is an amplifier friendly 5 ohm minimum and maximum phase variation between 70Hz~50Khz is +-28deg ! and maximum phase is -43deg at 11 ohm, presenting a very easy load to any tube of transistor amplifier



    Directivity pattern 25db scale 25db.

    How does it measures.

    The Stentor filters are Group Delay optimized and is truly time coherent desing.Step response is evidence of perfect transient perfect speaker. Back tilted speakers,only offset the drivers by some millimeters, and have severe side-effects in lobing and polar response due to the tilt back.The Stentor form trullt follows function,having the tweeter offset to the midrange having their transient reponces syncronized. Polar response is very linear and incomparable to the majority of speakers.Combined with the driver coherency ,it can completely disappear and present a holographic picture



    Directivity pattern 15db scale.



    Speaker Burst decay.





    Midrange enclosure detail.



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