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Talos Signature review from Mono and Stereo
ARIES CERAT TELOS SIG PHONO PREAMPLIFIER review mono and stereo matej isak 2020 2021 2022 25
Review from Matej Isak
What a way to start the year.The long waited Talos Signature review is out.
Our design was given an Editors Choice award, among other compliments
editor choice
"The Aries Cerat Talos Signature is the best phono preamp I have had the pleasure of testing, regardless of whether it's a solid-state
or tube design and regardless of the price.
The Aries Cerat Talos Signature is everything: spacious, dynamic, transparent, and goes beyond the expected with the intimacy of the music.
The music non-stop, as Kraftwerk would say!"
Thank you Matej Isak for the honor.

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Genus 845 integrated amplifier review from Image Hi Fi (Germany)

Author: Ekkehard Strauss

"The bottom line:The Genus might be Aries Cerat’s entry-level amplifier, but it’s honestly hard to even imagine an amplifier that could deliver better sonic results."

Thank you Ekkehard Strauss for another excellent review.

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Helene DAC review from Image Hi Fi (Germany)

Author: Ekkehard Strauss


The Helene d/ac is here.First review out,and it concludes: "In a way, the Heléne is the start of a new era. And of new questions too: That extraordinary sound quality... how is it even possible?.....To put it simply, Stavros Danos has engineered an absolute wonder in the Aries Cerat Heléne – a DAC that is simply one of the best in the entire world!"

Thank you Ekkehard Strauss for the excellent review.


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World first review of our Incito S preamplifier

by Dato Danon Han @ Analog Fellowship

"Aries Cerat Incito S, a tube line stage beyond boundary?!"

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Thank you for a great write up.
""The Incito S preamplifier achieves that rare feat of balancing the lovely qualities of both tube and transistor equipment to present recorded music as it should be reproduced.
The transparency to each recorded musical note was uncanny and surreal.""

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Symphonia speaker review @ Mono and Stereo

aries cerat test concero matej isak mono and stereo 1 1

A glowing review for our pride ,ending in an Editor's Choice Award!

Screen Shot 2016 01 01 at 15.13.28 1"""Aries Cerat Symphonia speakers are unique creations and deserve all the given praise. For what they represent and how close they can push high-end audio performance closer to the reality, I’m wholeheartedly giving out the Mono and Stereo Editor Choice Award.""

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aries cerat symphonia speakers 2015 mono and stereo matej isak test 2016 new 2015 19 1

Kassandra II Limited Edition review @ Mono and Stereo

by Dato`Danon Han

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Another  proud moment for our Kassandra Series ,the Kassandra II Limited Edition DAC was awarded with the Ultimate Digital Component of Analogue Fellowship for 2016-2017.

Greatest compliment awarded by hard core analog enthusiast 

A small sample:

I have a number of visiting audiophiles that came into my audio den and agreed with me how the Kassandra 2 SLE was so special, that it was comparable in performance with the top analogue sources in my audio system. 

 I could assure you, that it was not an easy statement to write and surely not one to digest especially to an "analogue first audiophile". 
 It brings me a great pleasure (with a humbled heart) to announc that the Kassandra 2 SLE DAC as the Ultimate Digital Component of Analogue Fellowship for 2016-2017. 
Finally, where is my cheque book? I am KEEPING KASSANDRA 2 SLE DAC!
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aries cerat kassandra dac review matej isak 2016 2017 mono and stereo 5 1

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Kassandra II review @ Mono and Stereo

by Matej Isaak


Our Kassandra Dac was awarded with the highest "Editor's Choice Award" from Mono and Stereo's Matej Isaak.

Screen Shot 2016 04 18 at 22.20.22

kassandra mono1

"As an refined exotic take on the ultra high-end audio digital to analog reproduction Kassandra MK2 takes no prisoners. The way everything is pushed to the limits and with parts being used, Kassandra not only puts many of (over)priced DAC’s to shame, but set up an exemplary price performance ratio value. Aries Cerat as a company by its nature brings high performance with completely different price structure then competition. Any other company in possession of such approaches, solutions and design would instantly double or triple the pricing, yet Stavros Danos always wants to level of the plane where actual performance justify the pricing. This is where my respect came in long time ago. "


""Aries Cerat Kassandra MK2 DAC manages to balance the enormous musical energy flow with the delicacy and thunderous power unheard any near or even above its given price point. Let me put it relatively polite… Established DACs from long standing high-end audio brands have a lot to desire compared to the Kassandra MK2 DAC ability to render the music as it is. Period!""


"The experience of live music embed within digital should not only be highlighted but praised with Kassandra MK2. In digital user echelon audio reproduction almost as a rule we deal with the method of small increments and law of diminishing returns. With the product like Aries Cerat Kassandra MK2 process speeds up with completely different constant. Kassandra DAC is one of the rare digital products that actually raises the bar making the giant step forward encapsulating the performance that narrows the analog/digital distancing."


"Its alway an axiomatic exploration and unless one actually tried every exotic DAC on the planet in replicable condition the final conclusions can be questionable nature.Daringly and boldly my assumptions stand strong. I’ve done my homework and gained quite a mileage with vast quality time being spent with uber, exotic and high priced DACs. Without hesitation Aries Cerat Kassandra MK2 clearly embarks the throne of the highest performing converters without even lurking into the Pandora box of pricing. With Signature Version coming in a few weeks I’ll be able to level on how Stavros Danos contemplate with pushing things further of what’s possible in digital domain. So far, this is the DAC that materialize an intriguing idea about one source to serve them all…

While other DAC’s might be on the level of Vieux Château Certan, Latour à Pomerol or L'Église-Clinet; Aries Cerat Kassandra nails it with the richness and completeness of one and only '61 Pétrus."


Full review read here


kassandra mono2

Kassandra II Dac review @ Haute Fidelite

by Dominique Mafrand


"..And finally by the musical approach, since Aries Cerat electronics sound like no other electronic. To be clear, the listening of an Aries Cerat electronic takes you into a world free of show, demonstration and flash; into a world where the music will suddenly enter into your place and make you feel like you are attending a concert. We no longer speak of bass, medium, dynamics or attack speed.We appreciate the work, feel the emotion, live the interpretation. ."

"...Stavros Danos, designer and creator of the mark, does not hesitate to compare Kassandra MK2 to the best analogue sources in terms of musicality and accuracy of timbre, but well above when it comes to resolution and dynamic presentation. It should be pointed out straight away that we were able to verify this claim, and we have validated it. Indeed, Kassandra MK2 rises to this level of sound excellence...."

"...Suddenly, we have the feeling that we are listening to the version corresponding precisely to the original sound recording. Brel is in front of us, the clear, natural voice and the holographic accompanying sound finally reveal the work carried out during the mixing process. Wow!"




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Diana Integrated review @ Haute Fidelite

by Dominique Mafrand


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Our Diana Integrated received the Reference status, @ Haute Fidelite Magazine,receiving the highest score in record.

""... if we are searching for the pure musicality, the emotion reflected on the notes, the “goose bump” of our British neighbours, there is nothing left to compare to the Diana.""

""Still reeling from such perfect sound quality, we must recognize that the Aries Cerat

Diana is a wonderful device for reproducing music. The clever mixture of ancient and
modern technologies results in an electronic device, which is captivating, magnetic
and highly faithful. Not really powerful on the paper, the device conceals in reality a
considerable vitality inspiring tons of authenticity to the reproduction. Bravo!""





English Translation:


Incito review at Enjoy the Music AUdio Magazine


A fantastic review for our Incito , from Tom Lyle ,at Enjoy the Music Audio Magazine.THe Incito got the highest score for a preamplifier!

..."Aries Cerat's achievement in preamplifier design is awe-inspiring! Surprisingly, for what I gather from their website, the Incito is their smallest preamplifier. I can only imagine the sound of the Incito paired with other Aries Cerat components. Scary...."


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rsz initio 11

Incito Review at HAUTE FIDELITE

"Best Buy"



Incito review at


The Incito’s edges of the frequency range are equally good. The top end sounds selective and resolving, but never unpleasant. Even with the remixes of Depeche Mode, and this is a rather difficult material for a pleasant playback, the system with the Cypriot amplifier sounded engaging and interesting, the cymbals did not disturb my listening session and even added to it with different hues. The same happened to good recordings, for example, The Modern Jazz Quartet’s album Plastic Dreams, with graphic art designed by Stanisław Zagórski, a Polish artist. The good recordings had depth and three-dimensionality, which the worse ones were lacking..."



"...To tell the truth, I kind of suspected that. I was familiar with the sound of expensive designs from Aries Cerat from the High End show in Munich and one thing that always grasped my heart was their dense, beautiful treble. This is one of the things that separate hi-fi from hi-end. And I just knew that inside were tubes in a SET configuration with transformer coupling – I know that from phono preamplifiers and some common sonic characteristics can be identified. Despite the fact that I was not surprised with such a good treble presentation, the level of Incito’s refinement was the prize I expected and longed for..."



Incito review at


incito 32


Stentor review at  hifimusic


stentor 5

Stentor speaker review on 6moons

by Srajan Ebaen



".....If the Stentor were a DAC, it'd be a Metrum Hex for its needle-point timing, sharp transients, unclipped decays and natural but not enhanced tone. If the Stentor were an amp, it'd be a single-ended transistor rather than triode amp for behaving supremely lucid, quick, wide bandwidth, linear and utterly non-fat. If the Stentor were a widebander, it'd be closer to a Rethm Saadhana than an Ocellia and completely different from a Zu. If it were a conventional speaker (which in the final analysis it is of course) it'd be far closer to a Magico than Wilson. In the end it behaves very much like a highly accurate point-source monitor with integral true 30Hz woofer addition. As a new product, the Stentor confirms the brilliant impression Aries Cerat made with their Gladius. Where the Stentor still betrays enthusiast hobbyist roots rather than keen business savvy is by beating its bigger elder but charging essentially half. What commercial mainstream brand would commit such a crime to its own wallet? Kudos to one Stravros Danos in Limassol for swimming so stubbornly against the stream of green. If he perfects his paint finish to stop telegraphing remnants of the underlying layer construction, he'll have an all'round exceptional speaker on his hands. Naturally nobody who hasn't heard one will believe that it performs at such an elevated level. It'll take more than just one review to convince folks to give a speaker from economically busted Cyprus a fair shake. But whoever does will be laughing all the way to the bank......"



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Gladius speaker review on 6moons

by Srajan Ebaen

".....Out of the gate, the Gladius is a fully formed mature speaker. It's far from the mainstream but carries with it easily quantifiable design and performance excellence. That puts it up there where the air is thin, the vistas grand and dreams of better faint memories. What a debut for a 'conventional' speaker!..."

"...It simply means that for all its timing accuracy and speed, this speaker doesn't lack tone or body to require a thermionic injection. I achieved the greatest dynamic responsiveness, articulation and life charge without any valves in the signal path in fact. This reiterates my above claim that the Raal, Fostex and Acoustic Elegance transducers here are truly top spread and endowed with built-in tonefulness..."






"...The Gladius from Cyprus newcomer Aries Cerat is a very serious attempt at a state-of-the-art floorstander of still friendly dimensions. For €22.000/pr the buyer gets very worked-out external crossovers, inert cabinetry with 'wind-tunnel' head units and three carefully selected and modified drivers per side which must be amongst the top available options in their respective bandwidth windows.





Anyone sufficiently familiar with the industry can quickly calculate that the tall sticker buys rather more in materials and execution than is the current norm. It's why despite the new-car price this is actually quite a value proposition for the wealthy..."


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