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Stentor speaker review on 6moons

by Srajan Ebaen



".....If the Stentor were a DAC, it'd be a Metrum Hex for its needle-point timing, sharp transients, unclipped decays and natural but not enhanced tone. If the Stentor were an amp, it'd be a single-ended transistor rather than triode amp for behaving supremely lucid, quick, wide bandwidth, linear and utterly non-fat. If the Stentor were a widebander, it'd be closer to a Rethm Saadhana than an Ocellia and completely different from a Zu. If it were a conventional speaker (which in the final analysis it is of course) it'd be far closer to a Magico than Wilson. In the end it behaves very much like a highly accurate point-source monitor with integral true 30Hz woofer addition. As a new product, the Stentor confirms the brilliant impression Aries Cerat made with their Gladius. Where the Stentor still betrays enthusiast hobbyist roots rather than keen business savvy is by beating its bigger elder but charging essentially half. What commercial mainstream brand would commit such a crime to its own wallet? Kudos to one Stravros Danos in Limassol for swimming so stubbornly against the stream of green. If he perfects his paint finish to stop telegraphing remnants of the underlying layer construction, he'll have an all'round exceptional speaker on his hands. Naturally nobody who hasn't heard one will believe that it performs at such an elevated level. It'll take more than just one review to convince folks to give a speaker from economically busted Cyprus a fair shake. But whoever does will be laughing all the way to the bank......"



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