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The Incito’s edges of the frequency range are equally good. The top end sounds selective and resolving, but never unpleasant. Even with the remixes of Depeche Mode, and this is a rather difficult material for a pleasant playback, the system with the Cypriot amplifier sounded engaging and interesting, the cymbals did not disturb my listening session and even added to it with different hues. The same happened to good recordings, for example, The Modern Jazz Quartet’s album Plastic Dreams, with graphic art designed by Stanisław Zagórski, a Polish artist. The good recordings had depth and three-dimensionality, which the worse ones were lacking..."



"...To tell the truth, I kind of suspected that. I was familiar with the sound of expensive designs from Aries Cerat from the High End show in Munich and one thing that always grasped my heart was their dense, beautiful treble. This is one of the things that separate hi-fi from hi-end. And I just knew that inside were tubes in a SET configuration with transformer coupling – I know that from phono preamplifiers and some common sonic characteristics can be identified. Despite the fact that I was not surprised with such a good treble presentation, the level of Incito’s refinement was the prize I expected and longed for..."



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