Aries Cerat Reviews

Kassandra II Dac review @ Haute Fidelite

by Dominique Mafrand


"..And finally by the musical approach, since Aries Cerat electronics sound like no other electronic. To be clear, the listening of an Aries Cerat electronic takes you into a world free of show, demonstration and flash; into a world where the music will suddenly enter into your place and make you feel like you are attending a concert. We no longer speak of bass, medium, dynamics or attack speed.We appreciate the work, feel the emotion, live the interpretation. ."

"...Stavros Danos, designer and creator of the mark, does not hesitate to compare Kassandra MK2 to the best analogue sources in terms of musicality and accuracy of timbre, but well above when it comes to resolution and dynamic presentation. It should be pointed out straight away that we were able to verify this claim, and we have validated it. Indeed, Kassandra MK2 rises to this level of sound excellence...."

"...Suddenly, we have the feeling that we are listening to the version corresponding precisely to the original sound recording. Brel is in front of us, the clear, natural voice and the holographic accompanying sound finally reveal the work carried out during the mixing process. Wow!"




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