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Kassandra II review @ Mono and Stereo

by Matej Isaak


Our Kassandra Dac was awarded with the highest "Editor's Choice Award" from Mono and Stereo's Matej Isaak.

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"As an refined exotic take on the ultra high-end audio digital to analog reproduction Kassandra MK2 takes no prisoners. The way everything is pushed to the limits and with parts being used, Kassandra not only puts many of (over)priced DAC’s to shame, but set up an exemplary price performance ratio value. Aries Cerat as a company by its nature brings high performance with completely different price structure then competition. Any other company in possession of such approaches, solutions and design would instantly double or triple the pricing, yet Stavros Danos always wants to level of the plane where actual performance justify the pricing. This is where my respect came in long time ago. "


""Aries Cerat Kassandra MK2 DAC manages to balance the enormous musical energy flow with the delicacy and thunderous power unheard any near or even above its given price point. Let me put it relatively polite… Established DACs from long standing high-end audio brands have a lot to desire compared to the Kassandra MK2 DAC ability to render the music as it is. Period!""


"The experience of live music embed within digital should not only be highlighted but praised with Kassandra MK2. In digital user echelon audio reproduction almost as a rule we deal with the method of small increments and law of diminishing returns. With the product like Aries Cerat Kassandra MK2 process speeds up with completely different constant. Kassandra DAC is one of the rare digital products that actually raises the bar making the giant step forward encapsulating the performance that narrows the analog/digital distancing."


"Its alway an axiomatic exploration and unless one actually tried every exotic DAC on the planet in replicable condition the final conclusions can be questionable nature.Daringly and boldly my assumptions stand strong. I’ve done my homework and gained quite a mileage with vast quality time being spent with uber, exotic and high priced DACs. Without hesitation Aries Cerat Kassandra MK2 clearly embarks the throne of the highest performing converters without even lurking into the Pandora box of pricing. With Signature Version coming in a few weeks I’ll be able to level on how Stavros Danos contemplate with pushing things further of what’s possible in digital domain. So far, this is the DAC that materialize an intriguing idea about one source to serve them all…

While other DAC’s might be on the level of Vieux Château Certan, Latour à Pomerol or L'Église-Clinet; Aries Cerat Kassandra nails it with the richness and completeness of one and only '61 Pétrus."


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