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Kassandra II Limited Edition review @ Mono and Stereo

by Dato`Danon Han

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Another  proud moment for our Kassandra Series ,the Kassandra II Limited Edition DAC was awarded with the Ultimate Digital Component of Analogue Fellowship for 2016-2017.

Greatest compliment awarded by hard core analog enthusiast 

A small sample:

I have a number of visiting audiophiles that came into my audio den and agreed with me how the Kassandra 2 SLE was so special, that it was comparable in performance with the top analogue sources in my audio system. 

 I could assure you, that it was not an easy statement to write and surely not one to digest especially to an "analogue first audiophile". 
 It brings me a great pleasure (with a humbled heart) to announc that the Kassandra 2 SLE DAC as the Ultimate Digital Component of Analogue Fellowship for 2016-2017. 
Finally, where is my cheque book? I am KEEPING KASSANDRA 2 SLE DAC!
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